BALTIMORE, MD — The male and female lion cubs born at the Maryland Zoo on October 4 are doing well under the care and supervision of the Animal Department staff at the Zoo.

Here is an update on their condition:

  • They are 25 days old, and their eyes are completely open.
  • They are gaining weight and on track with their development. They now weigh around 4 kg each (8.8 pounds).
  • Their mobility continues to improve as they grow, and keepers have noticed the first signs that they are showing interest in playing with one another.
  • They can climb in and out of the nest box to explore their entire den when they wish to do so.
  • They are fed 110 ml (approx 4 oz) of special kitten formula 5 times a day.
  • Their teeth are just starting to come in. The weaning process will start slowly once they have all their teeth, and the keepers will begin to introduce meat to their diet.
  • The Zoo will seek the public’s help with naming the cubs in a few weeks.

Female Lion Cub

Female Cub — Photo by Jeffrey F. Bill

Male Lion Cub

Male Cub — Photo by Jeffrey F. Bill

Last week, Cuma, the Zoo’s female lion, was reintroduced to Hassan, the father of the cubs. They immediately settled in with one another and are out on exhibit together daily.

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