Construction work continues to move quickly on the foundation for several exhibit buildings including the new Penguin Interpretive Center. This building will house a classroom for penguin learning as well as indoor space featuring several underwater viewing windows. It’s sure to be a popular spot for anyone who wants to see penguins swimming up close.

In addition to all the exhibit work, the Zoo has received the first model of rock work that will be part of the finished exhibit space. This model (above) shows most of the major rock pieces that will be part of the finished exhibit. Natural rocks will be mixed with larger designed rock work to give the exhibit a natural look and feel, reminiscent of the South African coastline the habitat of wild African penguins. To the left in the image you can see the Interpretive Center walls where penguin underwater viewing windows will be. Directly in the middle of the photo is the penguin holding facility where close to 100 African penguins will eventually live. It will also be where keeper staff care for the animals and work.

Stay tuned for more exhibit updates coming soon!