This year, there’s something brand new to bite into at the Zoo’s Whistle Stop Cafe and Oasis Cafe. Wrapped inside every bun is now a delicious dog from the good folks at Esskay. Thanks to a great new partnership facilitated by CBS Radio, Esskay is the official provider of hot dogs at the Zoo and, frankly (pun intended), we’re thrilled.

Esskay joins the Zoo’s already robust lineup of quality concession options. This nationally recognized brand brings extra flavor and trusted taste to every bite, which we know you and your family will enjoy. As if that weren’t enough to go wild about, we are also glad to count Esskay among the growing list of sponsors helping to support the Zoo’s mission of wildlife conservation and education.

So what’s on the menu at the Zoo this season? Something new. Something tasty. Something fom Esskay. How does that sound? We think is sounds pretty darn delicious. Serve ours with ketchup and onions, please. This is a partnership we’re going to relish.