So you’re like millions of other Facebook folks who are making the switch to the new timeline layout. But what should you use as your all important cover photo? If you love animals, then maybe you’ll love some of the options we have for you. Take a look at the images below and choose your next great cover photo image. To download any of the photos, simply click on the image. Once you do, the image will open in a new webpage. After the image opens, simply copy by right clicking on the image and then paste the image to your desktop and save. Finally, open your Facebook page and add the new cover photo to your new timeline profile.

All images are formatted exactly for the new Facebook cover photo size (850×315). Have a question or a suggestion for another great cover photo image? Email us at

Reticulated Giraffe Cover Photo

African Lion Cover Photo

Indian Python Cover Photo

Polar Bear Cover Photo

Penguin Cover Photo

Prairie Dog Cover Photo

Panamanian Golden Frog Cover Photo

African Elephant Cover Photo

Addra Gazelle Cover Photo