Born on February 5, 2011, and bottle-fed by staff, addra gazelle calf Ray-Ray has spent a lot of time behind the scenes getting to know our female addra gazelles. Ray-Ray, named for Ravens players Ray Lewis and Ray Rice is just now being introduced to the African Watering Hole and getting used to spending time seeing saddle-billed storks and the guinea fowl who also share the same space.

For now, Ray-Ray will be in the yard along with the two females every other day, weather permitting. On the alternate days, the new lesser kudu will be using the yard and eventually, we will have the yard full with kudu, addra, guinea fowl and saddle-billed storks. We let the animals tell us when they are comfortable and at ease with the other species, so this could take a week or maybe a month. We will be watching them closely during every step of the introduction process.

Watch the video of Ray-Ray’s very first day in the African Watering Hole: