The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is changing along with the spring weather! The Zoo has recently begun working with Service Systems Associates (SSA) to manage the culinary and retail operations throughout the Zoo. What does this mean for you, our members and guests? Well, it means new offerings at the Whistle Stop, Side Tracks, and Oasis, as well as renovated and rejuvenated gift shops!

We are very excited to bring you a newly renovated and stocked gift shop, so please bear with us as the Zoo’s gift shops will be CLOSED for a short period of time. SSA is renovating the Wild Things Gift Shop at the Main Gate, and it will reopen on March 1. The Train Station and Giraffe Feeding Station gift shops will reopen a short time thereafter.

The Whistle Stop Café in the Village Green will be open this winter while the Zoo is open, Fridays through Mondays from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Side Tracks and Oasis will reopen later in the Spring. At the Whistle Stop, we will be operating with a small transition menu, and expanding the menu as the spring approaches and normal operating hours for the Zoo are reinstated. Right now, you can find all the traditional foods, like hamburger and cheeseburger baskets, chicken tenders and pizza, plus a few more options. There will also be sweet treats like cookies and brownies, or healthier choices like apples.

Opening Menu

Hamburger Basket
Cheeseburger Basket
Hot Dog Basket
Chicken Tender Basket
Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
Weekly Wrap Basket Special
French Fry Basket

Kid’s Meals:

Hot Dog
Pizza Slice
Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
*All Kid’s Meals served with a choice of Apples, Chips or Cookies. Drink choice of Milk, Soda or Water

Cookies, Brownies, and Rice Krispy Treats
Fountain Beverages and Bottled Water
Coffee and Hot Chocolate