Here is a small sampling of the artwork done by visiting students at the Base Camp Discovery Education Center. The art work is placed in the specially designed Base Camp Discovery Mailbox and then displayed on the Base Camp Discovery bulletin board for a few days. Some select pictures will be featured in the Maryland Zoo Blog. Students may also ask questions which will be answered in the Student Questions section of the Maryland Zoo Blog.

They like us, they really do! Artwork by Sam

The Campers really, really enjoyed the rhino keeper chat!

Hassan the Magnificent visits Base Camp Discovery! Artwork by Meghan

Some animals have rosettes, some have spots and some have neither! Artwork by Robert.

A preview for our Hummingbird garden at Base Camp Discovery? Or, perhaps a rendition of a blue-bellied roller? Figure eight looks like hummingbird courtship flight pattern. Young visitors always keep us guessing. Artwork by Maddie!

More to come!