This day is a real treat, and we don’t just mean for the human visitors. See some of your favorite animals get special treats and toys and learn all about the Zoo’s animal enrichment program. Be sure to bring a good camera as this is a guaranteed opportunity to see animals at their most active times. We hope you can join us!

What’s Animal Enrichment?

Enrichment activities help enhance the care that keepers provide for Zoo animals by adding variety and stimulation to the animals’ daily routines. Every enrichment item is specifically developed for each animal to help elicit species specific wild behaviors. Enrichment can take the shape or physical objects like puzzle feeder or other stimulus like new scents and sounds in an exhibit.

Schedule of Enrichment:



Craft Enrichment

Get hands-on! This is your opportunity to learn how special animal enrichment is made and craft actual enrichment items that will be given to animals at the Zoo! Join our dedicated team of enrichment volunteers in the Penguin Education Center.

Give Enrichment

On Wild About Enrichment Day, keepers give the animals special enrichment treats made by Zoo volunteers, but you can give enrichment any day! Donate an enrichment item from the Zoo’s enrichment wish list.