Off Exhibit: New Rhino On Board

EPISODE #35 – NEW RHINO ON BOARD It’s not every day that a new animal joins the Zoo, especially one that weighs in at several thousand pounds. After the loss of Daisy Mae, a female Southern white rhino who outlived her life expectancy to become 48-years-old, the Zoo’s male, Stubby, was left without a fellow rhino.

Exciting Activities This Spring at the Zoo

Spring is in full bloom at the Maryland Zoo! We’ve got a new baby giraffe, grizzly bear sisters, a tree slide and so much more! The Zoo is open daily from 10am – 4pm. Click here to buy tickets online. … Continued

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Maryland Zoo Opens Bobcat Exhibit

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is pleased to announce the opening of the Bobcat Exhibit in the Maryland Wilderness area. “We are thrilled to say that the renovations are complete and we now have a wonderful new home for bobcats … Continued

Off Exhibit: Rescuing Grizzly Bear Cubs

EPISODE #33 – RESCUING GRIZZLY BEAR CUBS It’s a story that starts with two orphaned grizzly bear cubs in the wilds of Montana. What happens next is an effort to save these sisters that spans the country and ends with a new home at the Maryland Zoo.

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