The Journey Begins!

This spring, visitors can get closer than ever to our African wildlife in their vast new Savanna habitats. Lions and giraffes are already back on exhibit with elephants soon to follow. Plan your visit now.

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African Lion


Lions are dominant predators lording over the food chain wherever they roam. What they have over every other big cat, and over every other African predator, is strength in numbers. They know that when it comes to catching dinner, it pays to cooperate.

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Reticulated Giraffe


Willow was born at The Maryland Zoo in February 2015.  She’s looking forward to spending time in her newly expanded habitat! Willow’s dad Caesar has already taken great strides and made his way out into the new expanded yard.

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African Elephant


African elephants are the largest land animals in the world!  This spring, our herd will enjoy a newly renovated elephant barn and a greatly expanded outdoor yard, including a splash pad, wallowing area and sand pit.

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You've gotta see this! The New African Journey habitats are opening this spring. Find the lion, giraffe, and elephant exhibits on your zoo map and plan your route as they open!

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