At The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore we periodically review our safety procedures and have decided to update our Shuttle stroller policy, which may impact some of our visitors who ride the shuttle to/from the Main Gate to/from the Polar Bear Gate.

In order to ensure safe transport for all of our guests from the Main Gate area to the Zoo exhibits, children may not stay in strollers or wagons when boarding or riding the shuttle. We ask parents/guardians to remove children from strollers prior to boarding, and move them to middle seats on the shuttle. Strollers must be folded and stored securely on the shuttle before departure. Wagons will be placed in the rear storage space on the last car. Visitor Services staff will be on hand to assist shuttle riders with their strollers and wagons.

During the ride, children should stay seated or be held on the lap of an adult.

Infants securely fastened in a carrier may stay in the carrier; however carriers may not be placed on the floor of the shuttle. We ask that an adult hold on to the carrier securely during the ride.

This change is effective as of October 1, 2015.