Visit the Zoo this fall!

Through generous grant funding and private foundation support, the Zoo is pleased to offer free admission this fall to Maryland students visiting the Zoo on a field trip with their schools. This Free Field Trip Program also extends free admission to chaperones in the ratio of one (1) adult for every eight (8) students. IEP-mandated 1:1 assistants are admitted free through this program to provide their assigned student with the needed support.

There have been a lot of changes in the world, and we want to make sure all of our visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience here at the Zoo. Although the heart of the Free Field Trip program remains the same, we have made a number of changes to how we welcome our field trip visitors this fall.

Is My School Eligible?

Please read the sections below carefully before you book your field trip:
What is timed ticketing?

To facilitate social distancing, the Zoo has implemented a timed ticketing system. Each visitor, including members of a field trip group, must have a ticket for a specific entry time on the date of their visit. The ticket for each individual will be scanned at the time of entry.

What information do I need to have in order to book my fall field trip?

Because each individual needs a timed ticket, you will need to be sure of your number of students and (required) chaperones at the time of booking. You will be asked to choose a field trip date and to select your top three choices for what time you would like your group to enter the Zoo. Entry times are in half-hour blocks. Please note that you will not be providing information about additional adults or non-student children (e.g., siblings). As the group leader, you will receive tickets only for the number of students in your group and for the free (required) chaperones.

What if I have additional parents/guardians who want to come along on the field trip?

Additional adults beyond the required chaperones will need to purchase their own tickets in advance through the timed ticketing system. Tickets for any non-student children (e.g., siblings of students in the class) will need to be purchased in advance by the parent/guardian as well.

We recommend that parents/guardians refrain from purchasing their tickets until your field trip date and entry time are confirmed. Please note that we cannot guarantee additional capacity will be available for parents/guardians for the entry time that you are assigned.

Are there any discounts for parents/guardians who want to come on a field trip?

We are unable to offer discounts for extra adults and children who wish to accompany the field trip. However, parents/guardians who are Zoo members may use their membership to reserve their tickets as usual through the timed ticketing system.

Is it possible to change my field trip date or adjust my numbers once I have booked?

Yes, as part of your field trip confirmation materials, you will receive information on how to contact our Visitor Services team if you need to update your numbers or change your date.

I want to book a field trip for spring instead. When can I do that?

Because the Covid-19 situation changes frequently, our field trip policies have to change to accommodate new information or state and local directives. We are therefore limiting field trip planning at this time to the fall only. We recommend checking back on this section of the Zoo website in early 2021 for information about spring field trips.

Book a Field Trip Now

Please email, or contact the Visitor Services team at 443.992.4585 with further questions. Click here to purchase a Zoo membership.