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Giraffe House

imgres MARYLAND ZOO- “One of the top ten behind-the-scenes tours in America”

Behind-the-Scenes experiences are private, specially designed tours and are scheduled personally for you. These unique up close encounters are planned and coordinated with each individual group in mind.

The Giraffe House is home to The Maryland Zoo’s herd of reticulated giraffe, as well as okapi. Tour participants will walk through the keeper area and spend time visiting and possibly feeding the giraffe through the many viewing windows.

Keepers will explain what makes these species unique, how the animals are managed and cared for, as well as their status in the wild. The tour also includes learning about our okapi, a unique creature that is a close relative of the giraffe.


For questions or assistance with scheduling, contact the Group Sales Office.

Behind-the-scenes tours make great gifts!

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