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Animal Hospital and Panamanian Golden Frog

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Behind-the-Scenes experiences are private, specially designed tours and are scheduled personally for you. These unique up close encounters are planned and coordinated with each individual group in mind.

Have you ever wondered where the Zoo’s collection of animals receives medical care?  Come visit the Zoo Hospital to find out!  Start this experience with an in-depth tour of the medical facilities, on-site equipment, clinical laboratory, as well as a meet and greet with some of our veterinary staff.

Next, meet the most endangered animals at the Zoo, Panamanian golden frogs. Tour the area that is home to almost 600 adult frogs currently residing in our Zoo hospital. Tour participants will take a sneak-peek into one of the Zoo’s breeding rooms and get a close look at how keepers care for these amazing animals.  Because this species is virtually extinct in the wild, keepers will also discuss the Zoo’s involvement with various amphibian conservation programs and research projects.


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