When: Sun June 25 , 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: Mansion House Porch

What’s a Field Talk?  It’s your chance to experience life on the front lines of wildlife conservation with the biologists, animal experts and wildlife advocates making a difference for threatened and endangered species around the globe. Enjoy a special lecture presentation and q&a session on the Zoo’s historic Mansion House porch.


This special Field Talk will take you into the wilds for a discussion of critical cheetah conservation efforts. Brian Badger, Operations Manager for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, will speak about the status of wild cheetah populations and what’s being done to protect this endangered species on the ground in Africa. Learn what field experts are doing to conserve these majestic cats and how the Maryland Zoo’s is helping to support conservation efforts.


Event Date: Sunday, June 25th

Time: Doors open at 6:30pm, talk begins promptly at 7:00pm

Cost: $20 per person, additional donations on event night are encouraged to support the Maryland Zoo & Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Members, volunteers & staff:  This is event is FREE for you with code at checkout. A donation on event night is encouraged to support the Maryland Zoo & Cheetah Conservation Fund. Don’t have the code? Contact us at events@marylandzoo.org or call 443.552.5276.

Event features light refreshments. Cash bar also available.


More about featured speaker, Brian Badger:

Brian Badger has more than 30 years spent in and around the conservation world and a passion to enlighten people from around the world on the workings, aims and goals of frontline conservation. His career begin in zoos as a Falconer in central England. Soon after he began to working with carnivores and more than 20 big cat species including lions, Amur leopards, tigers and snow leopards. Brian has been associated with the Cheetah Conservation Fund more more than a decade and works as Operations Manager for the organization in their headquarters located in Namibia. Brian brings knowledge, experience and a bit of humor to his conversations about the serious plight of endangered species like cheetahs. His passion for wildlife and saving species has made him a popular featured speaker across the globe.