Member Only Family Programs

Member Only Family Programs (9:30am – 11:00am) Select Saturdays and Sundays throughout the fall. 


Who are Member Only Family Programs for?

These programs are for families with Zoo memberships only. All ages are welcome but attending adults should expect to assist children with the activities.

What dates and times are Member Only Family Programs offered?

Programs run from 9:30 am to 11:00 am

  • September 20th - Animal Extremes: Size! – Giants ruled the earth in the Age of Mammals but many of today’s animals are smaller than their Pleistocene counterparts. Never-the-less giants still roam the earth on the African Savannah. In contrast, most animal groups have tiny members. Explore the extreme statures of the Animal Kingdom while exploring the highways and byways of the Zoo!
  • Saturday, October 11th Nocturnal Animals – Discover who (or is it Hoo?) comes out when the sun goes down and learn about animals of the night!
  • Saturday, November 1st Fear – Snakes, spiders, skunks and bats.  People are afraid of them, but are these fears justified? Learn more about commonly feared animals and perhaps find out that most of them aren’t so scary after all!
  • Sunday, November 2nd Fear – Same as Saturday, November 2nd
  • Saturday, December 20th – Penguins – Most penguins don’t all live in Antarctica and none of them cozy up with polar bears. Find out more about our African Penguins and their fishing cousins!
  • Sunday, December 21st Penguins – Same as Saturday, December 20th 

How much does a Member Only Family Program cost?

Each program is FREE for Zoo Members.

Where do the Member Only Family Programs take place?

Meet at the Main Gate at 9:20 am on the day of the program. Please arrive on time.

How can I sign up for a Member Only Family Program?

Click on the link provided for each program and fill out the required information. Participants receive a confirmation e-mail outlining program details and directions to the Zoo’s Main Gate.


Do we need to bring anything with us for the program?

Dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. A water bottle and snacks in a backpack are strongly suggested.

What is the weather policy for Members Only Family Program?

Programs will not run if the Zoo has been closed or has a delayed opening due to inclement weather. Check the Zoo’s website homepage for weather-related announcements.