Program Descriptions

ZOOmobile Program Descriptions

Our ZOOmobile programs are designed with you in mind.  Each program below features 3-4 live Animal Ambassadors that are selected based on the program topic of your choice. (NOTE:  We cannot guarantee specific animal requests at any time.)  If you are looking for a specific program topic that you do not see listed below, please contact us to discuss further options. We are looking forward to scheduling your program!

Daycare, Preschool, and Kindergarten Programs (ages 2-5)

Group size: Up to 35 participants
Program length: 30 minutes
Price: Winter (8/25/14 – 6/19/15): $150 (plus travel fee if applicable), Summer (6/20/15 – 8/25/15): $160 (plus travel fee if applicable)

Program topics:

One, Two, Who’s at the Zoo?

How many toucans do you see?  Explore the animal kingdom and practice counting skills during this fun and interactive program.  This program is designed for children ages 2 to 3. 

The Big Book of Animal Tails

What’s so great about a tail?  Find out!  Singing and storytelling bring bright, colorful illustrations – as well as new vocabulary – to life in this fun program all about tails! This program is designed for children ages 4 to 5.

ABC Mystery

Alligator starts with an A.  Newt starts with a N. What letter does Elephant start with?  Learn about animals while practicing the ABC’s in this fun, interactive program. This program is designed for children ages 2 to 3. 

Barnyard Bonanzoo!

Cluck cluck, quack quack, hiss hiss!  SQUAWK!!!  What’s going on in the barnyard?  Learn all about farm animals, essential goods they provide, and their unique importance in this interactive program.  Meet a domestic farm animal plus some wild visitors to the farm.  This program is designed for children ages 4 to 5. 

Waddle and Wiggle

Slither like a snake, hop like a rabbit, waddle like a penguin!  Kids get in touch with their wild side during a fun game exploring animal movement.  This program is designed for children ages 4 to 5. 

Sensory Safari

How does a snake smell? How does an owl see? Animal senses come alive through this interactive program! Learn all about how animals use their senses to survive. This program is designed for children ages 2-5

School-Age Programs (ages 6-12 years)

Group size: Up to 100 participants

Program length: 50 minutes
Price: Winter (8/25/14 – 6/19/15): $220 (plus travel fee if applicable), Summer (6/20/15 – 8/25/15): $235 (plus travel fee if applicable).

Program topics:

Maryland Native Species

Who says you have to travel to a foreign country to find amazing animals?  Many intriguing animals live in your own backyard!  Come get to know some special hometown heroes.

Critter Costumes

Wear feathers like a bird, fur like a mammal, or scales like a reptile!  Wild and wonderful animal fashions give clues for classifying critters.  Children play dress-up and use their powers of observation to explore distinctions between vertebrate animals.  Requires 3 chairs for audience participation.

Habitat Happenings

Test your knowledge of animals and the places they live!  Explore the diversity of worldwide habitats and learn how animals – and humans – survive in different places around the world.

Who Runs the Zoo? 

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at a zoo?  Take an imaginary journey through the zoo and explore zoo jobs!  Students will learn what it takes to make the zoo run smoothly.  This program is designed for lower elementary students.

Fear: Friend or Foe?

Are you afraid of creatures that crawl, creep, or slither?  Should you be?  Meet some animals that may turn your fear to fascination.  Learn why many feared animals are essential in maintaining a balanced environment and healthy ecosystem.

Night Shift

When the sun sets, “night shift” animals come on duty!  Learn about special senses that allow these animals to navigate in the dark.  Test your own nocturnal sensory skills and meet Zoo creatures of the night when they make a day trip to your site.  Requires one electrical outlet in presentation area.

Living Places, Living Planet

Animals live in the most amazing places!  Through this interactive presentation, travel the world to see the many habitats that wild animals call home.  Let our animals help you understand what living things need to survive, and learn about the global resources that animals and humans must share.  Requires minimum ceiling height of 7 feet.

Going, Going, Gone

Every day, more species and habitat vanish.  Why?  Study cause and effect as they relate to happenings in our natural world.  Discover along the way that everything we do has an impact – big or small – on our world.  Learn ways that each of us can protect the richness of life on our planet.

Scaly Skins

Learn about creatures scaly and slithery!  Spend time with cold-blooded Zoo animals and discover what’s cool about herpetology.  Reach out to a reptile today!

On the Wing

What’s so special about a bird?  Meet some of our feathered friends and learn about their unique adaptations in this exciting program about feathers and flight.

Amazing Adaptations

Why do elephants have trunks?  Can you jump as far as a frog?  Learn about some of the amazing adaptations animals have for life in the wild, and use our challenge activities to compare them to our abilities.  Requires a large indoor presentation area, such as a gymnasium.


Adult Programs (ages 13 years and up)

Group size: Up to 100 participants
Program length: 50 minutes
Price: Winter (8/25/14 – 6/19/15): $220 (plus travel fee if applicable), Summer (6/20/15 – 8/25/15): $235 (plus travel fee if applicable).

Program topics:

Fur, Feathers, and Scales

What’s the difference between a skink and a snake?  Do parrots and ducks have anything in common?  What characteristics do humans share with other mammals?  Meet representatives of vertebrate families and explore what makes each unique and special.

Cold-Blooded Creatures

Did you know that some snakes have built-in heat sensors?  Did you know that some frogs are big enough to eat small rodents?  Meet some reptiles and amphibians and find out more about the fascinating adaptations of cold-blooded animals.

Fear: Friend or Foe?

Many of us are naturally afraid of creatures that crawl, creep, or slither.  Why?  Meet some commonly feared animals and learn why they merit our respect more than our fear.

Endangered Species

Endangered species are being pushed toward extinction by a variety of threats ranging from pollution to over-exploitation.  Meet some endangered animals up close and learn what you can do to help them survive.