How To Prepare

How To Prepare For Our Visit

Because our ZOOmobile programs feature live animal demonstrations, we ask that you make certain preparations in anticipation of our visit.  We aim to create a safe and fun learning environment for your guests, as well as a safe and suitable environment for our Animal Ambassadors.  If the Zoo cancels a program due to customer violation of ZOOmobile requirements, no refund will be issued. You can schedule your program by clicking here.

Site Requirements

  • ZOOmobile programs must be held in indoor presentation areas.  Gymnasiums, auditoriums, multi-purpose activity rooms, and other large, enclosed spaces are ideal.
  • The presentation area must be large enough to maintain a 4-foot “buffer zone” between presenters and audience.
  • ZOOmobile instructors must be provided with a parking space near the presentation area or entrance to facility.
  • Indoor temperatures must be above 65°F and below 85°F.
  • According to Maryland State Law, food may not be served or eaten in the same area as the animal presentation.
  • Due to strict quarantine policies, no other animals may be present in the presentation area.
  • Audience sizes are limited to 100 individuals for 50-minute programs, and 35 individuals for 30-minute programs.
  • The facility should provide chaperones in accordance with its organization’s policy. The minimum chaperone-to-student ratio allowed by the Zoo is 1 adult per 20 children.
  • Audience members are urged to wash hands before and after the program. If animals are touched during the program, hand-washing (with soap and water) following the program is required.   Not every situation is appropriate for touching.  Animal contact will take place at the Outreach instructor’s discretion.

Animal Ambassadors

  • We are unable to guarantee requests for specific animals at any time.
  • Since the safety of our audience is a primary concern, we cannot allow audience members to feed or hold any of our Animal Ambassadors.
  • While we are eager to provide up-close personal encounters with our Animal Ambassadors, not every animal is safe to touch. For the health and safety of your audience as well as our animals, we also cannot permit touching when the audience is large.



  • Discounts may apply when scheduling two or more programs on the same day at the same location. Layover fees may also apply. Please call for details.
  • School Year Rate: Between 8/25/14 and 6/19/15
  • Summer Rate: Between 6/20/15 and 8/25/15

Other Details

  • Travel fees apply outside Baltimore City, and are based on your distance from the Zoo. Contact us for a quote.
  • Payment is due in full two weeks prior to your program date, and is payable to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore via check or credit card.
  • If you need to change your program date or cancel your reservation, please let us know at least 10 days in advance.  Cancellations made within 10 days of your program will not be refunded, and changes to scheduled date will result in a $50 change fee.