ZOOmobile Presentations

ZOOmobile Presentations

Our ZOOmobile team travels to you to deliver a fun, interactive, and educational experience for everyone in your group!   Choose from the list of groups below for recommended program topics.

Whether you’re planning your first visit from the ZOOmobile or if it’s just been a while, find out how to prepare for your ZOOmobile visit. Be sure to schedule a program today!



ZOOmobile programs are a great way to enhance any school subject!  All of our programs align with the Maryland Common Core State Standards.

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school-age program topics

After School Programs

A dynamic ZOOmobile program is a great way to educate, enrich and entertain youth of all ages in your program!

View our school-age program topics.

Day Care Centers

Introduce early learners to the wild world of animals through counting, song and movement.  All of our programs align with the Maryland Model for School Readiness.

View our early childhood program topics


Let the whole family explore a world of wonder with our interactive programs!

View our program topics for all ages.

Senior Centers

Our Animal Ambassadors will delight and engage seniors of all ages and abilities.

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Scout Groups

We offer fun, interactive, and educational programs that help your scouts fulfill a variety of electives in an exciting way!

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It’s a wild time for all when you bring the ZOOmobile to your summer camp!

View our school-age program topics.

Don’t see your group listed? Please feel free to view our full list of program offerings and choose the program that best fits your group.  Contact us for program suggestions or more information.

NEW! Become a Penguin Partner!

penguinpartnerIs your group wild about penguins? Help to support the Maryland Zoo’s penguin Ambassadors by becoming a Penguin Partner. This special offering is available only as part of a ZOOmobile presentation, and provides your group with a penguin experience that they won’t soon forget.

As a Penguin Partner, you will receive:

  • A visit from one of our penguin Ambassadors during your ZOOmobile presentation
  • A photo of our penguin Ambassadors to commemorate your experience
  • A subscription to ZooGram, The Zoo’s quarterly magazine for members, for your facility
  • A fun and educational penguin fact sheet and activity guide
  • The knowledge that you are helping to support the Zoo’s conservation and education efforts with African penguins and many other species

Fee: $150 (in addition to ZOOmobile fees)

Availability is limited, contact us to schedule your program today!

Note: Penguin Partner Programs are not available between June 1stand July 15th.

Penguins molt (lose their old feathers and grow new ones) during this time and need to stay at the Zoo where our team of experts keeps an eye on them.