Raven Partner Package

NEW! Become a Raven Partner

Show your group’s purple passion by becoming a Raven Partner! This exciting opportunity is available as part of a ZOOmobile presentation, and is sure to provide your group a memorable Raven experience!


As a Raven Partner, you will receive:

  • A visit from one of the live Baltimore Ravens mascots, Rise or Conquer
  • A fun and educational raven fact sheet and activity guide
  • A photo of Rise and Conquer to commemorate your experience
  • A year-long subscription to ZooGram, the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore’s magazine for members
  • The satisfaction of knowing you support the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore’s conservation and education efforts

Scheduling Options:

  • Schedule a Raven Partner in conjunction with a regular ZOOmobile program.

Fee: $100 (in addition to ZOOmobile program fee)

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  • Schedule a Raven Partner program without a regular ZOOmobile program

Fee: $200 (travel fees may apply)

       Appearance lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes:

        -  15-20 minute educational presentations

        -  30 minute meet and greet with a Zoo representative and Rise or Conquer


Availability is limited; contact us to schedule your program today!

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