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FREE Field Trips for Maryland Students

Maryland homeschool students (grades PreK4-12) are eligible to register for a field trip through the grant-funded Free Admission for Maryland Students program. Registration and a minimum of two-weeks’ notice is required to participate.  Documentation of home school status (e.g., an umbrella card, a recent home school review, a letter from the school system) may be requested to complete your reservation.

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Home School Classes

Homeschool classes in Fall 2017 will take place on every other Friday beginning September 22. We offer two different class types; Cheetah Cub classes for students ages 5-8, and Lion’s Pride classes for students ages 9-12. Please read the course descriptions below before requesting classes using the form at the bottom of the page.

Cheetah Cub Session (Ages 5-8)


Cheetah Cub classes are 50-minute, interactive sessions that focus on a particular topic. See the list of options below. Each class may be taken individually, or all six classes may be reserved at a discounted rate. This year, we are learning about conservation, some of the particular issues that affect specific groups of animals, and how people of all ages can get involved in saving some of their favorite creatures!

What is Conservation? SOLD OUT- 

September 2212:30-1:30

The basics of conservationism.


Big Cat Carnival SOLD OUT- 

October 612:30-1:30

The ecology of lions, tigers, leopards, and other large felines.


Knee Deep in Frogs SOLD OUT- 

October 2012:30-1:30

Unique amphibian adaptations.


Big Eaters SOLD OUT- 

November 312:30-1:30

Megaherbivores and their place in the natural world.


Creatures Of the Night SOLD OUT- 

November 1712:30-1:30

Protecting local animals, many of which are nocturnal.


The Coolest Critters SOLD OUT- 

December 112:30-1:30

Polar bears and other arctic animals.


To request participation in a class, please use our homeschool classes request form below. 

Cheetah Cubs classes are $15 per individual section, and Lion’s Pride classes are $30 for each pair of sections. You can also request all classes in either session for a reduced price of $75. Once you submit your form, we will contact you for confirmation, payment, and more information.

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IMPORTANT: To complete the field trip reservation process, home school groups will be asked to supply documentation that verifies homeschooling status (e.g., a letter from the local school system, an umbrella card).

Which homeschool class date(s) are you requesting?

Select the classes you wish to sign up for and tell us about the student(s) registering.

Cheetah Cubs (Ages 5-8)
 9/22 What Is Conservation? 10/6 Big Cat Carnival 10/20 Knee Deep in Frogs 11/3 Big Eaters 11/17 Creatures Of the Night 12/1 The Coolest Critters

Student's Name


Student's Name


Student's Name


Lion’s Pride (Ages 9-12)

 9/22 Cheetah Conservation Part I & 10/6 Cheetah Conservation Part II 10/20 Penguins in Peril Part I & 11/3 Penguins in Peril Part II 11/17 Rarer and Rarer Raptors Part I & 12/1 Rarer and Rarer Raptors Part II

Student's Name


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