Homeschool Programs

New Program Just for Homeschool Families!


  • Guided tours of select areas of the Zoo, focusing on ways we can work together to protect wildlife


  • Home-school students in grades K through 8, along with their teacher(s)


  • March 17, 2017, 1:30-2:30pm - SOLD OUT
  • March 31, 2017, 1:30-2:30pm

How Much?  

  • $10 per person

Advanced registration is required. After your request is processed, the Education Department will contact you to finalize payment. 

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FREE Field Trips for Maryland Students

Maryland home school families are eligible to register for a field trip through the Free Admission for Maryland Students program.  Registration and a minimum of two-weeks’ notice is required to participate.  Documentation of homeschool status (e.g., an umbrella card, a recent homeschool review, a letter from the school system) is required at time of registration.  Click

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Home School Classes

Homeschool classes at the zoo are intended to provide educational enrichment to home school children ages 5-8.  These classes are for the students only, homeschool teachers are asked to wait outside the classroom or explore the zoo at their leisure.

Cheetah Cub Session (Ages 5-8)


Scientists think there are millions of different animal species, all different from each other. Join us as we use hands-on activities to learn about some of the most familiar animal groups, explore what makes them unique, and discover the challenges they face.

Focus: Variety – The Spice of Life

Time: 11:00pm-12:00pm

Location: Meeting Barn in the Zoo’s Farmyard

Fee: $15 for individual sessions or entire series for $75. Pre-registration is required.

Dates              Program Topics


Classifying Critters (Classification)


Spiders and Stinkbugs (Invertebrates)


Flounders and Frogs (Fish & Amphibians)


Terrapins and Tuataras (Reptiles)


Chickens and Cormorants (Birds)


Warthogs and Whales (Mammals)


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Lion’s Pride Session (Ages 9–12)

Con-ser-VA-tion: the action of protecting something. Many people think that conservation can only be done in the far-away wilderness, but Maryland is the perfect place to start protecting nature and wild animals. This three-unit program will discuss ways to conserve nature in our own backyards, from participating in nation-wide efforts to making personal decisions that help save animals both near and far.

Focus: Conservation in Your Backyard


Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm

Location: Meeting Barn in the Zoo’s Farmyard

Fee: Entire series is $75. Pre-registration is required.

Dates              Program Topics


You’re the Scientist! Part I


You’re the Scientist! Part II


Conservation in Your Community, Part I


Conservation in Your Community, Part II


A Call to Action! Part I


A Call to Action! Part II


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For more information about Maryland Zoo Homeschool programs, please contact:

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Education Department
Druid Hill Park
Baltimore, MD 21217
p. 443-552-5300 f. 443-320-9034