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A Mother’s Day Story: The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore And Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo Collaborate To Find Infant Chimpanzee A Mother

A baby female chimpanzee, born at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore on March 12, has moved to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo in search of a surrogate chimp mother after her birth mother was unable to properly care for her. The … Continued

Recycling at Home

 Why Recycle? Americans make more than 200 million tons of garbage each year Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles hourly & 40 billion soft drink cans yearly If everyone on Earth used as much “stuff” as we do in … Continued

Bat Conservation

Why Bat Conservation? Bats are crucial to many ecosystems around the world Insect-eating bats are the primary predators of night-flying insects Nectar-feeding bats help pollinate plants like bananas and cashews and fruit-eating bats spread seeds Due to many years of … Continued

Original Penguin Supports the Zoo and World Penguin Day

Our fashion forward friends at Original Penguin are doing their part to support Zoo penguins and World Penguin Day. Help further the cause and join us along with this iconic brand as we raise awareness for penguins on Saturday, April … Continued

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