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Training Demos


 Training Demos

Monday and Friday at 12:00pm




Join us for a wild look into how some of our animals are trained.  Three times a week you can experience a live training demonstration in the Zoo’s Creature Encounters at the bottom of Buffalo Yard Road, just before you enter the main area of the Zoo. You’ll meet Jamilla, our serval, as well as other animals who are part of our animal ambassador program. See keepers perform advanced training and learn about the role of the Zoo’s Animal Embassy.

Training demonstrations, like these, are great opportunities to see our animals up close and to experience wildlife in a more interactive way.  Training, however, is not part of a performance.  Please note that animals at the Zoo participate in training for exercise, to foster wild behaviors and to allow for health related checks and handler safety. Don’t miss the chance to ask questions and see a special training demonstration the next time you visit The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

training jamilla


Please note that due to animal care priorities, training demonstrations may not occur exactly on time.  Every effort is made to keep to scheduled training times, however, variances can occur due to individual/daily animal needs.

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