Animals and Conservation

Polar Bear Keeper Chats

Daily at 11:30am (except Thursday)

They’re the world’s largest land predators and The Maryland Zoo is home to two of them.  Meet Anoki daily at the Zoo’s Polar Bear Watch.  Join us everyday at 11:30AM (except Thursday).  It’s your chance to meet one-on-one with the keepers who care for these Arctic lords.  Plus, get a little inside knowledge of what each of these special bears are really like behind-the-scenes.

Learn what it’s like to live in the arctic and the special adaptations that allow polar bears to thrive there.  Also, see what you can do to make a real difference for this powerful species and how you can help save their threatened Arctic home.


Please note that due to animal care priorities, keeper chats may not start exactly on time.  Every effort is made to keep the daily schedule, however, some circumstances may arise that may cause a keeper chat to be delayed.


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