Animals and Conservation

Chimpanzee Keeper Chats

Daily at 2:30pm (except Monday and Friday)

The Maryland Zoo’s chimpanzee troop is made up of 10 wild personalities.  Get a chance to see them at their most active during our daily Chimp Keeper Chat. Everyday at 2:30pm (with the exception of Monday and Friday) join a member of our animal care staff for a training demonstration and discussion of behaviors, adaptations and social cues unique to this species.

Join us just outside the Chimpanzee Forest in the outdoor exhibit space (indoors during inclement weather) for this daily chat, which is a favorite among guests.  And we recommend bringing a camera, too as it’s a great opportunity for images of the chimps interacting with their keepers.  Plus, get a chance to ask all your questions as each chat includes time for a Q&A.


Please note that due to animal care priorities, keeper chats may not occur exactly on time.  Every effort is made to keep to a scheduled time, however, sometimes due to circumstances these experiences may be slightly delayed.

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