It’s not every day that a new animal joins the Zoo, especially one that weighs in at several thousand pounds. After the loss of Daisy Mae, a female Southern white rhino who outlived her life expectancy to become 48-years-old, the Zoo’s male, Stubby, was left without a fellow rhino. The effort to find another companion for Stubby actually began years ago and recently culminated with a recommendation by the Rhino Species Survival Plan (SSP) to welcome a new Southern white rhino to the Zoo. Jaharo, a four-year-old male, arrived just before winter of 2017 and quickly settled into his new home. What’s been happening behind-the-scenes for the last few months? The Zoo’s General Curator, Mike McClure, explains the ins and outs of the transition and what the animal care team is doing for both Jaharo and Stubby to prepare them for a future together.

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