Perry the penguin is at it again, bringing us the inside scoop on the construction of the new African Penguin Exhibit that will be located right in the center of the Zoo. Check out the latest updates on the outside look and feel of buildings, and some of the best spots to view penguins when the exhibit opens this fall.


Perry loves the finished design of the penguin holding building that’s at the center of the new exhibit

3-Penguin Nesting
Here you see the penguin nesting area’s shallow entrance into the pool for penguin accessibility

9-IC Interior 2
A look inside the Interpretive Center. You’ll be able to see penguins swimming underwater through those big windows to the right

6-Swim Channel
An outside view of the Interpretive Center’s viewing windows and the deepest part of the pool

12-View from IC Roof
Touch-ups are added to the natural-looking concrete rocks

Perry can’t wait to see the dump tank that creates periodic waterfalls in action

South African themed buildings, from left to right: the exhibit’s Interpretive Center, Penguin Housing, and the Penguin Embassy