Work on the Zoo’s new African Penguin Exhibit continues to move quickly thanks in no small part to the swift construction team at Whiting Turner.  In the last few weeks major progress has been made on the largest public building space in the project, the new Penguin Interpretive Center.  The basement life support space is getting closer to being completed and concrete work has begun on the second level of the rising building.


In addition to work on the Interpretive Center, a major water line improvement was made.  For a period of just more than 2 weeks the construction team worked in the African Watering Hole to bore and lay new pipelines that will help service the new exhibit and improve flow to other areas of the Zoo.

Concrete footers for the base of the new pool. 

Mother nature has not thrown any significant curve balls which means mild weather has allowed for continued digging of the new exhibit pools and additional buildings planned. At this point the hope is that weather will continue to be favorable into the early part of the winter season avoiding any weather related construction delays.

Underwater viewing window frames being installed.

As work continues, the look of public viewing areas for the penguins are starting to also take shape.  Underwater viewing windows are starting to be framed giving the first signs of where you’ll be able to see African penguins up close. Stay tuned for more updates and additional video footage coming soon.

Pipelines for new water flow. 

New foundation for the Bait Shack where guests can get food and gifts.