Nine days and counting until The Jones Falls Zephyr opens at the Zoo on June 30! We took a “training” ride today and it’s a blast. Tickets will be $2 for members and $3 for non-members…discounted train rides are just another perk of membership! Why not purchase your membership today and save on the Zephyr…

  • Smokey Lisa

    You should add a unlimited train ride price or a membership that includes the train. As a member, I like the fact that I can anticipate how much I will spend and our kids always have a good time. My son would literally love to ride the train all day. So, I'm now anticipating tears when we tell him that he can only ride it once. Although $2 is reasonable, it adds up fast with a family of 4 and a train enthusiast.

  • Heather

    Does the train take you around to see everything or is it just a ride? I want to bring a group of seniors that can’t walk to each exhibit and the train would be perfect if you can see a lot of animals from it.